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Reproductions in Animals - Question and Answers

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Chapter 4 : Reproductions in Animals

Question and Answers

I. Answer the following questions:

1.What is reproduction?

The process by which living things produce their own kind to continue their species is known as reproduction.

2. What are the different ways by which animals reproduce?

Animals reproduce in two ways. -
i) by giving birth to babies.
ii) by laying eggs

3. What are mammals? How do they reproduce?

Animals That Give birth to their babies and suckle their young ones are called mammals. mammals reproduce by giving birth to their babies.

4. What is metamorphosis? Name any two insects that undergo the process of metamorphosis.

The process by which a larva goes to several stages of development and becomes a fully grown insect is called metamorphosis.
Houseflies and butterflies undergo the process of metamorphosis.

5. How do birds take care of their eggs?

Most birds build nests to lay their eggs. After laying eggs the female and male birds sit on them for a few weeks in turns. Gradually the eggs mature and chicks come out through hatching.

6. Describe the structure of an egg with the help of a diagram.

An egg consist of many parts these are...
tructure of an egg

i) Egg shell - The outermost protective part of the egg is called egg shell.
ii) Yolk - The middle part of the egg is yolk. It is rich in fats, vitamins and minerals. It contains the embryo.
iii) Albumen - It is the white Jelly like substance around the yolk. Albumen is rich in protein. The yolk and embryo are protected by the albumen.

Describe the life cycle of the following:

House FlyFrogButterfly
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