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Keeping in Touch Questions and Answers (SST - Class V)

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S.S.T - Class 5

Keeping in touch questions and answers

By this article name as "Keeping in Touch Questions and Answers" we ll discuss about the Questions and answers of the chapter-12 (SST - Class - 5) Title as Keeping in Touch. In this chapter, we found some new words and some important Points to be understand and remember all of these carefully. We ll be happy if you found useful this Article.

Keeping in touch questions and answers

New Words Found

Gesture : A movement or position of the hand, arm, body, head or face that is expressive of an idea, opinion, emotion etc.
Papyrus: A kind of paper made from the stem pith of a water plant, used by the ancient Egyptians to write on
Aerogramme: An airmail letter in the form of a lightweight envelope with printed stamp and gummed flaps to be sent to other countries by air
FM: Frequency Modulation
Social message: A message conveyed for social welfare

Points to Remember

We exchange our thoughts and opinions with others. This is known as communication.
We communicate both in oral and written forms.
To communicate with others, we use different means. These are called the means of communication.
We Classify all the means of communication as means of personal communication and means of mass communication.
Communicating on a large scale is known as mass communication.
Post office, telegraph, teleprinter, telephone, fax and e-mail are some means of personal communication.
Newspapers, magazines, radio, television, cinema and internet are the means of mass communication.

Tick(✔) the correct answer.

1. Which of the following is an example of means of personal communication?
a. Radio b. T.V c. Telephone [✔]
2. We can buy it from a post office.
a. Stamps [✔] b. Fruits c. Milk
3. Urgent messages are sent through telegraph using the-
a. Bar code b. Morse code [✔] c. Secret code
4. Telephone was invented in the year-
a. 1776 b. 1676 c. 1876 [✔]

Fill in the blanks.

1. We need a Telephone to send fax message.
2. The full form of e-mail is electronic mail.
3. The full form of SMS is Short message service.
4. Radio was invented in the year 1876
5. Television was invented by John Logie Baird in 1926.

Short answer questions.

Between whom does personal communication take place?

Personal communication takes place between the sender and receiver.

What is mass communication?

The exchange of thoughts and information on a large scale to a large number of people is called mass communication.

What is a Morse code?

The Morse code is a language of dots and dashes. It was invented by Samuel Morse. This used to send urgent messages by telegraph.

How does an e-mail save trees?

To get paper, we need wood. A large number of Trees are cut to meet the increasing demand of paper. But through the e-mall we can send and receive messages without wasting paper.

What can we purchase from the post office?

We can purchase postcards, envelopes and stamps from the post office.

Answer the following questions.

What do you understand by means of mass communication?

To communicate with a large number of people at the same time we use the means of mass communication. We can convey our thoughts and information to a large number of people through this process. Newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet are examples of some mass communication media.

How did newspapers and magazines help our freedom struggle?

Newspapers and magazines played a vital role in our freedom struggle. They spread awareness and inspired people to fight against British rules for independence. They made people aware about important events, leader's speeches, and stories of bravery at that time. By this way, they united people and encouraged them to fight against the British in the freedom struggle.

Why is television a necessity today for every family?

Today Television has become a necessity for every family due to its quality of providing entertainment and information. We can watch news, sports movies, weather updates etc. on television. The government also uses television to convey Important messages to the citizens.

What is the role of cinema in mass communication?

Cinema plays a vital role in mass communication by entertaining, educating, and influencing people. It helps to spread messages and share ideas on various topics. Movies can teach us about different cultures, historical events, and important values of life. They also bring people together and inspire them to think and feel their experiences and emotions with others.

What is the internet? How does it help us?

The Internet is the latest and the cheapest means of mass communication.

It allows us to talk and see with our friends and family who live far away from us by video calling system. Also we can do shopping, selling, e-booking, and even online work through the Internet without leaving our home. Many social websites on the Internet allow us to expand our social network and promote mass communication. With the invention of the internet the entire way of communication has become very fast, cheap and easy.

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