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Human Skeleton Questions and Answers for Class - 5

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Chapter - 4

Human Skeleton Questions and Answers for class 5
Human Skeleton System

New Words Found:

Framework : A structure used for providing support.
Movable : That which can move.
Immovable : That which cannot move.
Spinal cord : A thick cord of nerve tissues extending down from the brain.
Joint : A place where two bones meet.
Vertebrae : The small bones that are connected together to form the spine.
Muscle : A piece of body tissue that is tightened and relaxed to move a body part.

Remember the Points:

The framework of bones that supports and gives shape to the body of a person or an animal is called the skeleton.
The human skeleton consists of the skull, the backbone, the rib cage, the limbs and the girdles.
Femur is the longest bone in the body.
Some important movable joints in the human body are the pivot joint, the hinge joint, the gliding joint and the ball and socket joint.
Our body consists of about 600 muscles.
There are three types of muscles-voluntary, involuntary and cardiac.
We should take proper care of our bones and muscles.
Cranium: The Skull
Spine : vertebral column / spinal column /
Clavicle : Collar bone
Scapula : Shoulder blade
Sternum : breast bone
Humerus : The upper arm bone.
Patella : Knee cap.

Answer the following questions:

What is skeleton?

The framework of bones that supports and gives shape to the body of a person or an animal is called skeleton.

What is a bone?

Bone is a mineralised connective tissue that Contains four types of cells - osteoblasts, bone lining cells, osteocytes and osteoclasts.

Whats are bone joints?

The structural arrangement of tissues by which bones are joined together are called joints. These help us to make different movements.

What is a tendon?

A tendon is a fibrous connective tissue that attaches the skeletal muscles to the bones.

What is a ligament?

Ligament is a connective tissue that connects the bones together particularly in the joint. It stabilizes the joint by holding the end of two bones together.

What is a muscle?

Muscle is a soft tissue made up of thousands of elastic fibres bundled tightly together.

How do our muscles work?

Our muscles work by contracting and expanding. There are two sets of muscles in each movable joint. They work in antagonistic pairs as one contract it shortens itself and the other expands it enlarges itself.

What are the major functions of the skeleton?

The major functions of the skeletal system are as follows :
It protects the internal organs such as the brain, heart, lungs, etc.
It gives shape to our body.
It enables movement in various parts of the body.

What do you mean by a joint?

Joints are the places where two bones are joined together. They help us to make different movements. There are several joints in our body. pivot joint, hinge joint, gliding joint, ball and socket joint etc.

Name the different parts of the skeletal system.

The human skeleton consists of several parts. Some of them are skull, backbone, rib cage, limbs, girdles, joints etc.

Name the different types of joints found in our body.

There are several joints in the human body. Some of them are movable and some are immovable. Skull is an example of Immovable joint. Some important movable joints in our bodies are pivot joints, hinge joints, gliding joints, ball and socket joints etc.

Mention the differences between voluntary and involuntary muscles.

Voluntary MusclesInvoluntary Muscles
i) These are long, unbranched muscles have strips or striation.i) These muscles are small and smooth in texture.
ii) These are found attached to the bones.ii) these are found in the wall of internal organs.
iii) These muscles work under our control.iii) These muscles do not work according to our will.

Fill in the blanks:

1. The skull consists of 28 bones which are interlocked together.
2. The backbone consists of 33 small bones.
3. The forearm consists of two bones.
4. The lower leg has the shin (tibia) bone and the calf (fibula) bone.
5. The joint in the skull is immovable.
6. Our body consists of about 600 muscles.

Write "T' for true and 'F' for false statements:

1. An adult person has 306 bones. [T]
2. The backbone is also called vertebral column. [T]
3. The hindlimbs are attached to the backbone through the hip girdle. [T]
4. The pivot joint is found between the skull and the backbone. [T]
5. Involuntary muscles work according to our will. [F]
6. We should have food rich in calcium to keep our bones fit and healthy. [T]

Name the joint used in each of the following download

1. Climbing stairs Hinge Joint
2. Writing something Hinge Joint
3. Picking up something Hinge Joint
4. Raising your head Pivot Joint
5. Bending down to pick something Gliding Joint
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